Teachers, what message are you giving?

23 11 2018

I’d like to start this post by thanking all those teachers who model good audience behaviour to their students by watching my shows together with their kids.

Not every child knows how to behave in a show. Not every child will be in the right frame of mind at that time in the school day to behave at their best. Your taking part and joining in the show demonstrates to the kids how they should be behaving. It will help them (and me) immensely.

I always sympathise with teachers who politely explain to me before we start why they’ll absolutely *have* to work quietly at the back. Of course, I’d prefer they didn’t but I can’t stop them and as they’ve asked nicely/explained the situation I will not be offended. I will explain that if I do need them to model good behaviour then I will subtly ask them to join the group but only if it’s really necessary.

If a teacher just assumes they can use my show as a chance to get their work done I’m afraid I do consider that to be terribly rude. If this happens out of sight of the children and I don’t need the teacher’s help I probably won’t say anything but I *will* be offended.

Please teachers do not be like this teacher here:

Please think of the message doing this will send to the kids [this isn’t important or interesting enough for me to pay attention to so why should you] and the message this sends to me as a fellow teaching professional.

And if you do do this please don’t be surprised if I call out what you are doing during a show, be grateful if I do it quietly by whispering in your ear and not in front of the kids and the rest of the staff, and expect to find yourself the subject and inspiration for an exasperated blog post.



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