21 03 2015

I’ve just had a wonderful experience up here at the Caithness international science festival in Wick.

We had 98% totality and couldn’t have been luckier with the cloud cover.

At 7 AM it was perfectly clear. By 8 AM thick clouds. At 8:30 AM for the first half of the eclipse those thick clouds became patchy and we were treated to tantalising glimpses viewed through our pinhole equipment.


Then we were lucky enough to have light clouds roll over that allowed us to view most of the totality through them. Given there was one whole primary school plus another hundred kids who had arrived to see my show from a second primary school we were never going to have enough glasses or viewers for everyone. In the end it worked out perfectly.


Towards the end of 98% totality I thought I’d try and take a picture with the only camera I had, my iPhone 4s. As it turned out I’m chuffed with the result.


Here’s a close-up.


What a wonderful experience to share with 250 children and their teachers. It still makes me feel warm and tingly.




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