Shows by bike

9 09 2014

Back before I bought a van I used to do all my shows on public transport.

I used to use a Brompton bicycle as the ultimate luggage trolley.

The small wheels mean surprisingly large suitcases can be rested on the rear rack and attached to the seatpost with bungees. Once on the bike you could push a heavy load with a single hand. Bike wheels are better than any trolley wheels for smooth, effortless rolling.

When getting onto trains either the whole lot could be wheeled on, or the case and the bike could be separated quickly and then carried on one in each hand.

But the best bit was getting to and from the stations. Once everything was secure you jump on the bike and cycle away. A luggage trolley you can ride at 20 miles an hour!

(In this setup I actually had a large object at the back cantilevered out with a piece of wood underneath the suitcase. Set up like this you have to remember not to lean back or the whole thing would inadvertently wheely…)

Adverts might follow this post. I have no control or interest in these.




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