Steve Spangler’s motto

19 01 2011

If you’ve ever searched for a “science experiment” clip on YouTube then you’ve come across Steve Spangler. And if you’ve ever seen a live science performance chances are you’ve seen a demonstration that has been popularised by one of his videos. Have you ever wondered what makes Steve so successful?

You can find clips of Steve doing segments on news programmes, promoting items for sale in his online store and performing on TV shows like Ellen all over YouTube. You can find them all in the one place if you follow this link to the Steve Spangler Science YouTube channel. Currently there are 339 videos (!) to work through.

The Steve Spangler clip below isn’t the most spectacular but in it he reveals something very interesting about his attitude to performing science. He states that his motto for everything that he does is:

Make it big, do it right, give it class. And if you can’t do it wait until you can.

motto at 1.15secs

Steve doesn’t go into detail in the video about what he means by the parts of the saying. I guess we’d have to book him to speak at a conference to hear the full story. But it does give food for thought. I’ve thought a lot about what those terms might mean in relation to my own performances. At a very simple level I re-assessed what my stage set-up looked like and I went out and bought some black table cloths which I now carry around carefully in my prop cases. I hope my covered tables look a lot more “classy” and my demos look “bigger” now they are performed on a non-distracting black background. If you’ve been helped by Steve’s motto then let us know in the comments section.

The last section is less ambiguous: if you can’t do it wait until you can. I take from this that if an audience has granted you the opportunity to perform in front of them the least you can do is have thought carefully about what you are going to present and how you are going to present it. Then rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse again.

UPDATE: Have a look in the comments section below. It seems Steve applies these principles to more than just his science presentations…




One response

20 01 2011

Make it Big, Do it Right, Give it Class is the motto in the Steve Spangler Science offices too. It’s a great motto to run a business by and to live by. I enjoyed your post and will share it with Steve and everyone in our office. If you want to see Steve in action, you should look into attending Science in the Rockies or a Boot Camp

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