Should I work for free?

18 01 2011

Here is a handy wallchart to help you decide whether you should do that job for free. Every freelance will be approached at some point by some organisation asking for something for nothing. It could be the school that your child attends or it could be a TV company developing a show. This has been produced for designers but it works for science presenters just as well.

The full size version can be found here. I’d like to point out the flow if you head directly north from the centre starting point.

Should I work for free? > is it for a legitimate business? > Yes > did they promise you exposure or a good “portfolio piece”? > Yes > Then the answer is no, this is the most toxic line of bullshit anyone will ever feed you.

If a job is worth doing then it is worth getting paid for. Unless its for your Mum, in which case, you owe her.




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