Where’s the science? Thermos flasks

17 01 2011

I came across some Youtube videos today from a TV programme called “The Curiosity Show”. I hadn’t heard of it but I’ll certainly be looking out for more of their clips having seen the one below.

Liquid nitrogen is used in the clip in a way that I’ve never come across before. I have never seen anyone focus on the container the liquid is carried in over the nitrogen itself but this is a great way to get across some serious scientific points. And it doesn’t stop them from showing some of the classic experiments either…

Remember the three questions we can use to evaluate shows? If not you might like to read this post before you look at this or you can just look at it and go back later…



What do I like so much about this video?

Firstly, if we apply our criteria he gets a very high score for science. A very high score for audience. And top marks for story. The presentation style might not be everyone’s cup of tea but there is no doubting this is an accomplished performance.

More importantly he has resisted the temptation to chase after bang over buck. He hasn’t chased easy thrills and sacrificed science over spectacle. Not only have I been entertained I also feel like I have learned something. And not just about liquid nitrogen either, about an everyday object I’ve got in my cupboard that links me and my world to that of the TV, the medical and the industry scientist.

I can imagine local sales of Thermos flasks went up after broadcast because all the existing ones would have been taken apart by curious children and almost certainly broken in the process!





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